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Adapter tip PBCH-01 T (KMIZ) (M4-B2), with four-terminal (standard Midwest) for dual-channel hose (standard Borden-2)
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Price: $ 1.84

Adapter tip PBS-T 01 (KMIZ) (B2-M4), with dual hose (standard Borden-2) on the four-tip (standard Midwest)
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Price: $ 2.90

Angle handpiece LVC-30m (KMIZ)
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Price: $ 10.52

Angle handpiece NPM-40 (Kazan)
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Price: $ 3.29

Bearing for NTS (KMIZ)
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Price: $ 0.97

DWP electric micromotor (KMIZ) 40,000 rev / min.
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Price: $ 43.33

Electric micro-motor PD-5-roof, internal spray (KMIZ) 300-40 000 rev / min
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Price: $ 54.96

Handpiece angle bag NU-30-02 (KMIZ)
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Price: $ 1.77

Handpiece straight NDI-40-02 (KMIZ)
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Price: $ 7.50

Handpiece straight NP-30, M-03 (Sapphire)
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Price: $ 2.78

Handpiece straight NP-30-A (KMIZ)
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Price: $ 4.57

Handpiece straight NP-40/15 M (Arzamas)
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Price: $ 5.83

NU-angle handpiece 40m (Serpukhov)
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Price: $ 9.43

Pneumatic micromotor (KMIZ)
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Price: $ 9.14

Pneumatic micromotor MMP-20 M4 (KMIZ)
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Price: $ 12.33

Pneumatic micromotor MP-20 M4 (Sapphire)
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Price: $ 6.60

Pneumatic micromotor MP-40 M4 (Sapphire)
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Price: $ 13.66

Pneumatic micromotor MP-40-B2 (micron)
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Price: $ 11.85

Pneumatic micromotor MP-40S M4 (micron)
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Price: $ 27.81

Rotary group for NTS 300 (KMIZ)
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Price: $ 5.08

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